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This is the best comedy club in the greater Seattle area. The stage is large and well-lit, and you can see and hear the comics from any part of the room, which is extra important when there are very physical comics on-stage. Imagine that--actually being able to see the show you paid to see! - Melissa L. Yelp 5 Star Review

This has to be one of my favorite comedy clubs the audience is always having fun and the comics are great. Lots of local talent and national. I love the open mic night because I can snag a bunch of grilled cheese sandwiches and laughs, it's a total comfort food explosion! The comics are a lot of fun and you can usually meet anyone there from local celebs to TV stars. Each night is really just a great ride. I completely recommend Laughs to anyone who is game for a good time. - Jennifer S. Yelp 5 Star Review

Laughs really cannot be beat when it comes to value. Tickets are very reasonable, and it's always a guaranteed evening of fun! The comics are always enjoyable and the drink menu is rocking. The waitresses are on top of orders and bring around complimentary ice water. I would recommend this place for a casual evening out or for a super fun double date. Make sure to hit up the liquid lime for drinks after! - Heidi P. Yelp 5 Star Review

I was pleasantly surprised with Laughs, from the outside you it just looks like another dive in a strip mall, but once you're inside it has been done up very nicely. Seating is first come first serve but even the seats in the back have a full view of the stage which was nice. - Amie R. Yelp 5 Star Review

Everything was good... Had no problem finding parking. All of the comics were funny without being overly crude. The staff was accommodating and friendly. The menu is varied and interesting. I had squash-stuffed ravioli with chopped pecans (yummmm), and hubby had loaded nachos. A great experience all around. I plan to return! - molly q. Yelp 5 Star Review

Fun Fun fun!!!! Loved this place :) Will be back!! - Carey D. Yelp 5 Star Review

Laughs is awesome. I love to go to shows there, perform there, and hang out there after shows. The owners are extremely hands on and the staff is awesome. - Cory M. Yelp 5 Star Review

Laughs brings in some really great comics. Even the comics that open up for the main act are funny. I've been to so many comedy clubs in the area and the opening comics always BOMB. Laughs doesn't just throw anyone up on stage. They make sure that you get a good show from start to finish. The last show I was at had 4 comics including the headliner! - George C. Yelp 5 Star Review

"Kirklands best kept secret" - Susan Burnash

The food is fresh & the show is great. Perfect for a date night! - Liz Benson

I love this place, and my burger! - Michael Loftus

You guys are great! Thank you for staying open during the snow last Saturday. Dean Evans and Adam Ray were great! Great food and Drinks! Dean picked on my girlfriend. It was a great night with my family! All of them! Thanks again!!! - Jason Filmore

Harland Williams was awesome! Please bring him back!!!! - Elizabeth Flagg

Our first time was on a Tuesday open mic night, and we loved the show! We will definitely be back for more! Great food, good drink specials, great sushi next door, you can't go wrong! - S Nelson

The best place for comedy in the Seattle Metro area! The staff are personable and attentive, the drinks good, and the comedy even better. Angela and Dave make this the spot to see established comics in an intimate venue, as well as nurturing the up and coming talent in the area. We will all be able to say we knew people when... - Emily Hutchinson

Jesse Case is very funny! - Dave

sorry if I was a jerk, i got drunk, but great show! - me


Anjelah Johnson was FANTASTIC! So was the food! - Sarah Edwards

Doug Stanhope is a genius. Best show I have ever seen! - Josh

Hi Dave & Angela, Thanks for a great comedy night this past Saturday. What a difference! My wife and I and our guest laughed so much and enjoyed the good food and service as well. Thanks for a great evening at Laughs. - Tim & Mary Dowd

I can not wait to see Emo Phillips & Ben Bailey!! You guys are changing the face of Comedy in the Northwest! - Holly

Loved seeing Emo Philips, Duane Goad and Jesse Case last night - great show, great service and so nice to meet you! - Sherry Dedman

Duane Goad made my face hurt I laughed so hard!!! - Laura

So i was a complete virgin to a comedey club....And for my first time i got to see Whitney Cummings one of my favorite comedians.... The whole thing was amazing i had a blast. The food and drink where extremely good.... The staff was awsome. I definitely plan on going back, and bringing people with me... - Lauren

Jim Karol was AWEsome! - willy

I've been coming here since it opened! I met the owners of this place when they were in Bellevue! They have the right menu choice, but even more...they have the right comedians!!!! - Linda

Awesome, I never laughed so hard! - Gary S.

I love the place! - Bill

We loved Bil Dwyer, bring him back! - Rick & Sheri

Ian Bagg made us laugh so hard he is great, by the way I'm not really Honus Wagner - Honus Wagner

We really enjoyed Moshe Kasher! - Cindy

Marc Maron is one of the best comedians ever, you have to bring him back real soon - Derek

My birthday at Greg Behrendt's show was a blast, we had a great time! - Jen

Thank you for bringing Shane Mauss to Seattle! That was one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. - Lauren

I loved everything. Parking is easy, staff is friendly and accommodating, menu is interesting, food is yummy, comedians are awesome!